Stockbridge/Gaysville, Windsor County, Vermont

Welcome to the home of the Abbott Family Cemetery. Take a journey and view documented information for individuals in the cemetery, relationships to others as found to date, and some bits of historical information about their lives.

This work is dedicated, with love and respect, to the honor and memory of those who came before us.

About The Abbott Cemetery

Nestled at the corner of Abbott Road and River Road in Gaysville (Stockbridge Township,) Vermont is the Abbott Cemetery. Shaded by trees around the perimeter, this cemetery is the final resting place for over 120 Vermont pioneers, including portions of at least four generations of the Abbott family.

Arriving in the area in 1787, Nathan Abbott and his wife, Lydia (Hatch) Abbott brought their children and created farms along the White River near Gaysville.

Nathan Abbott was apparently the first to be interred in this Cemetery in 1812. Burns L. Osgood was the last to be buried here in 1962.

This small cemetery, less than ¼ acre in size, included approximately 123 headstones when it was documented in May, 1998. There had been more – at least two spots were noted where stones had broken off flush with the ground and the exposed portion was no longer there. Others stones were broken and braced up or bolted back together.

Most rows, although relatively straight in relationship to neighboring stones, were not parallel with neighboring rows and only the row closest to Abbott Road was parallel to a fence line. The graphic on the interactive (clickable) 'Cemetery' tab herein is a relatively accurate depiction of the relationship of the various stones. With the exception of stone number 1 and stones 113 through 123, the engraved face of the stone is on the southwest side of the stone. The exceptions have the engraving on the northeast side of the stone.

The May, 1998 survey, photos, and transcriptions were accomplished by a 4th-great-grandson of Nathan & Lydia. The information was posted to a basic website in hopes that others would come forward with additional information about the individuals interred at this cemetery. Within two years, several fourth and fifth cousins provided additional insight.

In 2011, a 5th-great-granddaughter teamed up to enhance the original website, making it possible to share more information about the individuals buried at the Abbott Cemetery.

We hope that our efforts will be valuable to those trying to trace their ancestry.

Research is always a work in progress!